Who We Are


Founded in 2007 we bring over 50 years of logistics experience. From sales management to a shipping supervisor, we have done it all. Our business name Seven Star is inspired from our President’s father who always wanted to have a trucking company to represent him and his six sons. Our Patriotic American colors reflect our company’s pursuit to bring the American Dream of prosperity & success to our employees and those we work with.


Since 2007 we have increased 40% in volume every year. As a family owned business we have the ability to give your freight that extra level of concern and responsibility that it deserves. Much of our new business comes from Shippers tired of late deliveries and upset customers from poor communication. We get the call for the high priority loads that can’t afford mistakes. We are ready to take your transportation to the next level.


We are firm believers in the old saying from the Bible “You reap what you sow”.Not only are we accountable to our customers but we are always accountable to God in all our actions. It is not convenient or cost effective to always do the right thing but it has proven to be worth the extra effort both for us and our customers.

The Extra Mile

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