Refrigerated Full Truckload

Whether its flowers, meat, frozen, or anything in between, we can move your shipment at the right temperature and humidity.

*Multi Temp trailers are also available with advance notice.

Dry & Vented Van Full Truckload

We have a large capacity of vented Van’s that are capable of handling the seasonal demands of Produce. Our vans are equipped with the E-Track system to handle oversized freight.

Drop Trailer Service

With our regular lanes of Texas, California, and Arizona we have the ability to drop trailers to give your shipper’s the convenience of loading as the product is ready.


The majority of our trucks provide team service. Recent driver regulation has reduced driver’s available hours to drive. Our team service can keep your freight on target to meet the deadlines you have promised your customers.

High Value Cargo

We maintain a $250,000 cargo policy which keeps you protected from claims. We have the ability to move products that other companies won’t.

The Extra Mile

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